Thursday, 5 January 2012

Culprate - 5 Star EP

U.K. Producer Culprate has just dropped this huge EP on Inspected Records. "5 Star" maybe have just 4 tracks, but all four are bursting with energy and intriguing sounds that will leave you wanting more. Culpate has expanded on the breakbeat trend in electronic music and incorporated a dubstep influence to create something quite unique. Koan Sound and Kill The Noise come to mind when listening to this EP although Culprate manages to tweak his own sound into something of it's own. With brutal basslines and drops, he also introduces other more classical instruments that fit perfectly and help evolve his tracks to keep the listener guessing. In the sea of "Bedroom Producers" these days not many have the capability to produce to an extremely high quality and rise above the majority, Culprate is an exception and joins few others with crisp amazing sounding basses, synths and a range of other instruments and sounds. Not only can Culprate blow your mind with heavy drops and and filthy basslines, but he also demonstrates his musical ability in one of his more gentle and hypnotic tracks. With his "5 star EP" only dropping just before the new year, expect to see Culprate explode into the scene in 2012. Download on Beatport here or Direct Download here (free).