Thursday, 12 January 2012

Gabriell - Baby Got House EP

We first caught wind of this nu-disco/french house EP about a month ago, but unfortunately got lost in the sea of what is our inbox. Nevertheless Gabriell, Italian producer/DJ has produce a banging disco/filter house EP. With two new originals and 2 remixes from the likes of "Acid Andee" and Ecxellior, for and Disco head this is one EP to get your hands on. The original alone demonstrates the quality of production that is Gabriell, with a funky bassline that forces your feet to move and vocal cuts that will really get you in the disco mood. Whilst Gabriell's second original "3000" may not be as punchy as "Baby Got House" it's still a track which he is able to show his musical capabilities, with layers of synths and basses. After his remix of Skrillex's "Scary Mosters and Nice Sprites" there's no wonder that such talented and respected people were interested in getting involved on this EP, Although both filter house/nu-disco remixes are still quality tunes it's too hard to live up to the original. Get your hands on "Baby Got House" here!