Friday, 13 January 2012

Kraymer - The Concept EP

Melbourne producer Kraymer is about to release an absolutely massive EP onto our ears from Vicious Bitch Records. "The Concept" is a track that will transform dace floors in riots, from the get go you can feel that this track is going to be big, and when it drops it will only prove to you what you had expected. With a filthy electro bassline, bad ass vocal samples and a drop that is off it's nut, whats not to love, not to mention great all round production. with two new originals from Kraymer; "The Concept" and "Bleed" (which holds it's own nicely next to the tittle track) it's packed with bangin' electro and moombahton remixes from the likes of Will Bailey, Sick Nifty and more. With an EP that is as bursting with energy as this, Kraymer has really out done himself, and should be excited about 2012, as should we, to look forward to not only the release of the EP but ones yet to come.
Full EP will be out on Beatport on the 23rd of Jan.
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