Monday, 2 January 2012

Nero - Reaching Out EP

I know what your thinking, "Didn't Nero just release an album only a few months ago?". Well Obviously this producer duo are on a roll because they have recently dropped the "Reaching Out" EP. Although not pack with all new Nero tracks, the original "Reaching Out" track is a stunning tune and a great example of the tallent which these UK producer posses. Like many of their other tracks they generate so much energy and hype that would be explosive at their live shows. With three other remixes on the EP they are have different vibes but the standout would have to be the Wilkinson Remix, bursting with energy this track is the real winner and gives the original a run for it's money.
1. Nero - Reaching Out (Radio Edit)
2. Nero - Reaching Out (Wilkinson Remix)
3. Nero - Reaching Out (Booka Shade Remix)
4. Nero - Reaching Out (Fred Falke Remix)