Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Dillon Francis - Something, Something Awesome EP [FREE]

I know this EP came out about a week ago but thought seems as I'd missed it some of you guys might have as well. Although only a short EP with just 3 tracks it's still another quality release from Dillon Francis. With all the tracks being moombahton/nu jump style, the classic Dillon Francis sound, it's hard to go wrong. In addition to that he has great colab with Kill The Noise which has the perfect combination of melodic harmonies and bad ass moombahcore drops. The Track "Falling Up", may sound a little familiar, this is because it's actually inspired by Skillex's "Ruffneck Full Flex" and uses samples from the original, it's Ruffneck taken to a new "jump style" level. 
If not anything it's definitely worth a good listen.