Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Feed Me's Escape From Electric Mountain EP [FREE]

After Feed Me's last EP "To The Stars" the expectations would of coarse be high for his new release. "Feed Me's Escape from Electric Mountain" does not disappoint, not only does it compare to his last EP, it tops it. Packed with 6 new original tracks all bursting with energy and that classic Feed Me crisp production. Although the tracks vary in style from dubstep to some progressive house, Feed Me manages to maintain a levels of excitement throughout the entire release. With such tallent that is Feed Me, he not only wows us with the epic dubstep track, but also loves to take things down a notch and play with mesmerizing harmonies and melodies, the track "Embers" embodies long hypnotic builds with fluent vocals from Lindsay which evolve into huge dubstep basslines. If not for any other reason to get your hands and ears on this EP just listen to "One Click Headshot", Enjoy.