Sunday, 4 March 2012

Introduction time + Sam Sparrow "Happiness" (TheMagician Remix)

Hey guys, Tom has recently signed me up for some extra funk extra disco extra awesome music posts for you all! Hooorah. My name is Jessi Dean, I'm a DJ from Melbourne, studying music business, red wine is my kriptonite and bass of all kinds is my life line. I love to dance and to watch dance videos.
I'm looking forward to sharing the music I love and find because its the best way to enjoy music. I encourage everybody to send their favourite tracks to me, regardless of whether you wrote them or not, for the love of music baby! - holla atcha boi!

Right, so the track I have for you today is a new release for TheMagician, remixing Sam Sparrow's feel good track "Happiness" set for release in his first album release. We're expecting another remix from TheMagician of the famed Sebastian Tellier, cant wait. Enjoy guys and girls!