Monday, 26 March 2012

Rusko - Songs [Full Album Download]

After all the hype and drama, Rusko's new album is finally here.
Along with his classic Rusko wobble bass style, this album has definitely got a huge reggae influence, with tempos, instruments and vocals straight from the Caribbean. None the less still great tracks, and sort of refreshing hearing a veteran dubstep producer make tracks like these and evolve his style slightly. Don't worry classic dubstep fans, there is still plenty of typical Rusko tunes to bop your heads to. There is however a couple of tracks that don't really fit with the rest of the content of the album, with vocals that are a little bit too comercial and sound much too like radio house tracks. But don't let this deter you, still a killer album with huge dubstep tracks produced by one of the best and who's sound reflexs it. For Rusko fans and dubstep lovers, this is something worth getting your hands on.
 1. Intro – Year 3000 Style 
2. Somebody To Love 
3. Pressure 
4. Skanker 
5. Love No More 
6. Opium 
7. Dirty Sexy 
8.  Be Free 
9. Thunder 
10. Roll Da Beats (Old School Edition) 
11. Mek More Green 
12. Asda Car Park 
13. Whistle Crew 
14. M357