Friday, 2 March 2012

Savant - Vario [Full Album]

Norwegian producer Savant (Aleksander Vinter) has been producing electro/dubstep tracks for a few years now, however his latest album "Vario" is an absolute piece of brilliance. Packed with 16 huge tracks, this is one album that must be added to your itunes libraries. His combination of dubstep, electro house and break beat creates amazing tunes, that are not only hard hitting but are produced at an extremely high level. Savant is extremely versatile, creating tracks with all different tempos and styles but yet all keep you interested and no doubt keep your head banging for the entire 16 tracks. This would have to be one of the best and fresh new albums to come out in a long time, and especially from not having any previous standards of the artist, it will blow you away. Savant will surely be exploding onto the scene this year with such an incredible release, currently on SectionZ Records (the same label Deadmau5 started on) he looks onto a huge year a head of him.
Below is a mini-mix of the album (which only contains 11 of the 16 tracks off the full release) and one other killer track of the album "Bugertime". 
Download full album below.

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