Monday, 7 May 2012

Artist Interview - Muffintastgood + new remix

Peasant Noise is super stoked to have come across such talent coming out of our home town, Melbourne. Jon A.K.A Muffintastegood, has been producing tacks since early 2010 slowly developing his own funky flavour of funkydisco jam! Recently he released on SoundCloud a remix of Penguin Prison's track titled Fair Warning, needless to say it's got us groovin'. Seems a lot more is on the cards for this young man.... stoked.
*** You can now download the Penguin Prison remix HERE***

Muffin recently took some time to answer a few questions for us. Press play and read away!

PN: Firstly we would like to clear up what is going on behind the scenes, as it's really tough to find out anything about Muffintastegood. Is the band a collab or just yourself? 

Muffin: 'Muffin' is just me. Typical uni student producing in his bedroom. I wanted the myspace/soundcloud 'Muffin', but it was taken by some random Japanese band (?) so decided to have a sillier name instead.

PN: We saw on your myspace that you've been kicking since about 2010 with not much activity between then and a month ago when you put out your mix. It's pretty solid.
What have you been upto between those years? DJ'ing and the likes?

Muffin: I made a few originals in 2010 and have made a few remixes since then. I don't often publicise my stuff because I honestly don't really like alot of the stuff I make. Comparatively my work is not as 'good' (to me, anyway) as tracks from artists I look up to. Though if you're interested I uploaded a set containing most of my remixes: I DJ'd for a little but mostly spent the time learning to produce a little better and a slight bout of laziness!

PN: Well you're tracks are all really quite enjoyable and remarkable, so don't let that stop you from making more!
Which artists are your inspirations?

Muffin: Mm. I listen to alot of 70/80's records but right now I'd say my more modern inspirations are Bon Iver and M83 and others like Classixx, Grum, Lifelike, Breakbot and those types.

PN: Nice! Whats on in the future for muffintastegood?

Muffin: Working on an original that I will end up hopefully liking. My friend is singing on it. Sounds like a cross between Oliver and m83.
And a remix for Miniature Tigers!

PN: Nice. It all sounds very exciting. Lastly, which are your top 5 listening tracks right now?

Top 5 tracks I can't stop listening to right now (though they change very often!)
Arcade Fire - Sprawl II
The Kids From Fame - High Fidelity
The Rapture - Sail Away (Aeroplane Remix)
The Boy Least Likely To - Fairytale Ending
Naked & Famous - Eyes
and my all time favourite song: Fleetwood Mac - Gypsy

PN: Thanks for your time with the chats, Jon.

Muffin: No problems mate.

Peasant Noise will be throwing up Muffin's remix of Fair Warning soon for download on our SoundCloud, so keep your eyes peeled.
Catch Muffintaste good over on SoundCloud, spread the word!

Muffin | SoundCloud