Monday, 7 May 2012


Sydney's own indie/electronic trio RUFUS, have recently released "Blue", a sharp and and extremely well put together EP. Since the groups first self-titled EP, their well deserved respect and following has grown enormously along with their music. The bands diverse range of skills makes RUFUS' sound so unique and intriguing. Their knowledge of instruments as well as electronic production creates amazing sounds and textures indulging their audiences.  The EP contains six tracks including the single "This Summer". With incredible melodic synths and their indie dance style, makes it difficult not to find yourself intuitively moving to the EP. They manage to work in a number of different styles into this release, funky basslines, electro builds, hypnotic vocals, ambient rhythms and feel good melodies, which are somehow pieced together to create a brilliant result.
Rufus' ability to combine all these styles is non less than outstanding.