Friday, 11 May 2012

Soundcloud Upgrades Website: "Next Soundcloud"

Since the launch of this incredible music platform in 2007, Soundcloud has grown to have over 10 million accounts, along with god knows how many viewers. Unlike many other music sharing website the appeal of Soundcloud is the simplicity and basic interface, and the ability to comment on tracks has opened up a whole new whirlpool of communication. Although, there has been growing frustration with the amount on self promotion through comments. However it is certainly a serious tool in music sharing for pro's, Labels and amateurs.

Soundcloud have just announced their newest attempt to improve on the already booming site, "Next".
They are set on continuing the ease at which it is to share music in an ever growing network of music goers.
"A simpler, faster more social SoundCloud that helps music and audio creators like you share your sounds more easily than ever before"

Some of these changes we have already seen, such as the recent addition of the HTML 5 widget. However, this whole new social side is a quite radical change of pace for the site, with what seems to be aspects of Twitter and Facebook to join the new platform. They have built in "Reposting" of tracks and sets, and realtime commenting viewing, just like subscription on FB. They have also redesigned the artist profile page which will allow you to see artists in common that you follow.

With such a huge network of users and accounts it's fair to say that Myspace may now be at risk of becoming obsolete. As long as Soundcloud stays true to their roots and keep the site about the music and not all about the social side, it's surely to become an even bigger player in the music industry.

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