Monday, 9 July 2012

Black Eyed Pea Kicks Off Cassian and Anna Lunoe in Hollywood

Well after recent incidents with Calvin Harris and Mark Farina in America getting kicked off their own sets for allegedly not playing hip-hop and other mainstream music, Australia's own Cassian and Anna Lunoe were tonight also allegedly chucked off the decks in Hollywood by Black Eyed Peas member America's dance culture has been challenged in recent weeks with the over-done festivals and also accused of been a catalyst for the turn of dance music to the mainstream. These accusation could be over looked, but this recent trend of booting Artists from the stage for not playing songs like "Call Me Maybe" is ridiculous. Who goes to see someone like Calvin Harris or Cassian and expect them to play pop tracks? Are these audiences that naive that they think these are just any resident club djs who play crowd pleasers? For cassian and Anna Lunoe who were psyched for tonights gig in L.A. and then to be thrown off stage is extremely disappointing. Cassian was knocked of half-way through his set and Anna didn't even get to play, such a dispiriting night and hopefully this doesn't become a trend otherwise much more justified criticism will come to the current U.S. dance culture.

Cassian tweeted - “@annalunoe and myself kicked off the decks in Hollywood by the Black Eyed Peas.”

Anna Lunoe also tweeted -  “Real sorry for those who came out to see me play tonight! Obviously was outta my control.."

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