Saturday, 7 July 2012

Foreign Beggars - Flying to Mars + 12th Planet Remix

 Foreign Beggars known for their fast high energy dubstep rap have dropped down the tempo for this latest track with Donae'o. It's always good to see guys switching things up and trying something new, and especially good if it turns out to work in their favour. This newest piece "Flying To Mars" is a much more mature sound with a slow and hypnotic tempo but this has those deep dubstep "wubs" that we love so much. Donae'o's vocals fit in perfectly add a whole lot of depth and atmosphere to the track. They have also got a creepy test lab music vid to go with it. 12th Planet has gotten his hands on this track and added his own Trap style changes to it in his remix, check it out below the vid.  
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