Thursday, 12 July 2012

Nowan - Osaka Sundown EP

Screwloose Records have always been ones to release the unconventional (in a good way of coarse), they've helped brew artists like breakbeat kings Koan Sound, Culprate and now Nowan. This latest EP "Osaka Sundown" is such  a dark and ominous release that it is intriguing. The title track is a combination of glitch-hop, breakbeat and ambience which all manage to gel in brilliant harmony. It's such a challenge creating a track like this that are both easy listening but also incorporates a number of complex sounds and which also continue to grab your attention throughout the track. The EP has 3 more originals all continuing the oriental glitch/breakbeat style, with deep low frequency Wubs and great sharp chops all bundled into a sinister oriental world. Osaka Sundown also features a number of remixes highlighted by Sorrow and Culprate. The EP has a very mature sound and production quality for some one who as been in the industry for not all that long. Nowan says he is a huge fan off all sorts of music from hip-hop to metal, and I think it really effects his ability to generate and use such abstract sounds in combinations successfully.

Top Track: Osaka Sundown
Remix: Spirit (Sorrow Remix)

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