Sunday, 8 July 2012

Zedd - "Spectrum" Top 10 Beatport Competition

Beatport have held remix competitions in the past but this "Spectrum" contest has had ridiculous amounts of entries. So many remixes, so hard to sieve out the best ones let alone pick a winner. Although The submission time has ended and there is still a month or so of judging and voting, we'd thought we would try and pick through and find some of the most exciting remixes. Now I'm sure their are better remixes in the contest but these are just the top 10 of what we heard. Some of the remixes didn't have a soundcloud or youtube clip to embed so we had to put in the direct link to the competition so you could listen. Enjoy. 

1. Skullee Remix  2. The Noisy Freaks & Blaster Remix 3. Shreddie Mercury Remix

4. Robots Can't Dance Remix

5. Savant Remix

6. Minoru Remix 

7. Foxsky's Moombahcore Remix

8. Berorra Remix 

9. Quba Remix

10. Primacy Remix